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Episode 21: WordCamp, an official plug-in directory and Charles’ troubles with upgrades

WordPress file permissions explained

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00:00 Mindless Banter: David is still recovering from his cold and Charles missed SXSW.
03:11 News: WordCamp scheduled for July 21st and 22nd.
07:11 News: WordPress now has an official plug-in directory.
12:42 News: How to get your OpenID URL account to work on blogs.
15:24 News: adds slideshows and maps.
17:13 News: Add WordPress Wednesdays to your must-read lists.
18:29 News: Mark Jaquith is getting married!
19:36 Plug-In: InstantUpgrade v0.1 mostly worked as advertised, but read the instructions carefully!
24:04 Plug-In: Database Backup v1.7 backs up your database, except it failed to backup mine, but that wasn’t its fault.
26:05 Plug-In: Enhanced Plug-In Manager v1.1 supposedly deactivates all your plug-ins in one fell swoop, but I couldn’t get it to work.
29:44 Plug-In: Visualize Advanced Features v0.03 adds an icon to the end of the default editor bar that brings up the advanced featured editor bar when clicked.
31:34 Theme: Blogging Pro’s theme has been released in three different flavors: one requiring certain plug-ins, one requiring no plug-ins and one supporting widgets.
34:18 Feedback: Jeremy Visser suggests the WordPress 2.0 branch is being updated because of its in Debian Etch, the next stable release of Debian, which requires a commitment for security updates.
35:30 Feedback: Toni Schneider informs us that the KnowNow WordPress Enterprise Edition is being used in Fortune 1000 companies such as AMD, First Republic, HP, Sun, Union Bank, and Wells Fargo.
38:04 Feedback: Both Lloyd Budd and Byrne Reese weighed in on OpenID as well as the new Blogger importer.

Cryptocurency Wallets

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Episode 20: WordPress 2.1.1 Contains Some Bad Mojo!

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00:00 Mindless Banter: Charles’ hard disk failed and yet he managed to launch Podcast Planning on the Podango Podcast Mastery Network. David returned from Northern Voice, having met bloggers Robert Scoble and Lloyd Budd.
04:00 News: WordPress 2.0.9 and 2.1.1 released.
06:04 News: WordPress 2.1.1 compromised, update to 2.1.2 ASAP!
07:45 News: is now an OpenID provider.
12:02 Plug-In: BookCover v1.1 displays a book’s cover using its ISBN number.
12:55 Plug-In: Ultimate Google Analytics v1.5.3 lets you track your blog pages using Google Analytics without having to hard-code your tracker in each theme’s files. You can even track downloads and ignore your own log-ins to the WordPress admin pages.
14:56 Plug-In ImageShack Uploader v1.0.1b allows you to upload images to ImageShack, a free and easy-to-use hosting service which allows you to share your images with others, from your post screen and to insert them, along with the thumbnail, into your post with a few clicks.
16:09 Plug-In: OpenID v86 lets visitors to a WordPress blog quickly register, login, and leave comments using their OpenID Identity.
17:23 Plug-In: MarketingTrick v 1.0 gives access to full text of posts only to registered users, but also has some additional functionalities other than just to force users to register/login: You can specify a time delay before showing full text to not-registered(or logged) users; You can allow bots (google, yahoo, msn, archive etc) to view your full text always; You can show the short text in full text mode to not-registered users; and you can set the text that is displayed before the login form.
18:59 Feedback: Jeremy Visser corrects my mispronunciation of LaTeX.
20:04 Feedback: Erik J. Barzeski complains that Gravatar is still having problems.
22:08 Feedback: Lloyd Budd tells us the new Blogger Importer is in the trunk.
23:57 Feedback: Dave Shepard found the keystrokes necessary to bring up the additional editing features in WordPress v2.1 confusing and different in different operating systems. (And David continues to say OSX as “Mac OS X”.)
25:46 Feedback: Gene Desepoli inquires about the Tarski theme, which, until recently, was the theme used on the blog here.
27:25 Feedback: Alex Neihaus compliments us on the podcast, particularly our coverage of the permalink migration plug-in.
29:20 Open Question: David wonders aloud, “Whatever happened with the KnowNow Enterprise Edition of WordPress?”
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Episode 19: WordPress 2.1 & 2.2, Gravatar 2.0, Matt Mullenweg podcasts

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03:03 News: WordPress 2.1 is released and although it’s generally been warmly received, some people are having problems upgrading. There’s also a neat Easter egg that gives you more editing options. Also, you get to suggest and vote on changes to include in version 2.2, due to be released April 23rd, as well as kvetch about anything WordPress that gives you heartburn.
12:34 News: gets the Blogger Import tool first, users have to wait until WordPress 2.2.
13:40 News: Gravatar 2.0 was released on Feb 15th, and has new premium member model that allows unlimited emails per account and unlimited gravatars, costing $10 a year.
16:12 News: Matt Mullenweg has begun his own podcast. It started out rough… but it’s actually worth a listen.
18:37 News: recently announced Latex functionality.
19:50 Plug-in: Admin Theme Preview allows you to preview how a theme is going to look on your blog without making it publicly active.
21:03 Plug-in: With Permalinks Migration, you can safely change your permalink structure without breaking the old links to your blog.
22:30 Plug-in: Top Posts by Category allows WordPress bloggers to feature their best posts, as determined by the number of visits to the post or number of comments and sorted by category.
24:05 Feedback: Jeff asks for more information on PodPress, the plug-in we use to publish our podcast, as well as provide a Flash player so listeners may listen right here on the blog.
25:26 Feedback: Blog Columnist Martin Neumann loves the WordPress Podcast so much he even wrote a blog post extolling its virtues. (I’m not really monotone, am I?!)
28:35 Feedback: Michael Heilemann gives his unique perspective on Habari as well as his involvement with both it and WordPress.
33:07 Feedback: Lelia Katherine Thomas doesn’t understand why people are upset over Habari, anyway. (I apologize for mispronouncing your name, Lelia. :oops:)
33:44 Feedback: Jeriko One corrects a misstatement David made about his Feed with Comments Plug-in.
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Episode 18: Habari, WordPress 2.0.6 released, WordPress 2.1 enters Beta

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Yet another overdue episode (I apologize: work and moving slowed me down), episode 18 covers:

01:34 Feedback: We clear up some misconceptions about GPL and Andy Beard’s Disclosure Policy Plug-in.
04:46 Feedback: Matt Mullenweg suggests we’re underestimating the value of
06:03 Feedback: Seoras informs us the of the proper way to speak his name. (We’re sorry about that…)
07:15 Feedback: Lloyd Budd sounds off on misconceptions about KnowNow and disclosure policies.
08:19 Feedback: Tibor shows he’s a new, and apparently, very devoted fan.
09:05 Feedback: Dr. Mike reminds us that’s support forums are there to help you, should you decide to edit your own style sheets.
10:34 News: Several veteran WordPressers have begun to develop Habari, a new blogging package that it causing some controversy among WordPress users.
15:34 News: WordPress 2.0.6 was released including some security fixes, so everyone should update to at least this version. Shortly after its release, a minor bug affecting users of the FeedBurner service, so if this includes you, you should consider updating directly to 2.0.7-RC1.
17:26 News: WordPress 2.1 has entered Beta.
19:26 News: Automattic’s mailing lists, particularly the WP-Pro mailing list, are a good way to stay up to date on everything WordPress. Charles mentions as a way to request freelance projects or bid on them yourself, and make some extra spending money.
21:27 News: WordPress was listed on Michael Arrington’s Web 2.0 companies he couldn’t live without.
22:37 News: WordPress was also listed as #7 in Wired Magazine’s Web 2.0 Acquisition Bait.
23:35 News: The NeoSmart Files offered some gushing praise of WordPress, calling it, “Undoubtedly the single most influential tool in the blog-boom, WordPress has not only revolutionized the web as we (used to) know it, but also completely changed the daily ins and outs of web development forever. It’s not just about the power and perfection of the package, but also the coding standards, community benefits, and open source modeling.”
26:41 Plug-in: The WordPress Order Pages re-arranges your page-order easily. If you’ve ever manually moved one page’s order, only to find you have to update every other pages order as well, then this plug-in is for you!
28:10 Plug-in: MengTracker shows the links clicked by your visitors, the exact clicking place of the links (page and region of your site), and the clicking time with pretty charts.
29:14 Plug-in Download Counter keeps track of the number of downloads from your site, only tracking those clicks you choose.
29:43 Plug-in iMP Download is a download manager featuring download count, force download, quicktags, etc. It integrates with search engines to find your downloads easily and paginates your download lists.
31:06 Plug-in: Feed With Comments includes your comments along with your posts in the feed that newsreaders read. Note: Some feed readers will display entries as new if the content is altered (i.e., a new comment was made). This could be annoying for your readers, but its actually the correct behavior.
32:24 Plug-in: Post2PDF exports posts to a customizable Adobe PDF file.
33:59 Plug-In Michael Geoghegan’s Podcast Release provides an acceptance form for legal releases for guests you have on your podcast.
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Episode 17: 120-day turnaround between 2.1 and 2.2?

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In this waaaay overdue episode, we cover topics such as:

2:25 Charles takes another stab at explaining why LDAP support is so important to KnowNow WordPress Enterprise Edition.
5:32 There’s discussion that there’ll be a 120 day turnaround between 2.1 and 2.2.
8:16 There’s also a rumor that when the employees of Automattic gather in San Francisco this month, they’ll decide on a date for WordCamp 2007.
11:59 Plug-In: DupPrevent helps you avoid being penalized by Google for duplicate content by inserting NOINDEX meta tag in pages that might trigger Google’s duplicate content filters. Also contains a robot.txt file to disallow spider access to files that need not be included in engine’s index.
15:22 Plug-In WordPress Wii Edition shows an interface designed for the Nintendo Wii when visitors come to your site on a Wii with the Opera browser. Wii’s are automatically detected, there is no configuration needed. (We also found a link to use Google Maps to locate Wii users near you.)
18:10 Widget: Twitter creates individual links to each of your status updates to its post on You control how your Twitterings appear using CSS (to more closely match your blog, no doubt.)
20:53 Widget: Nike Plus displays statistics gathered from your Nike+ shoes such as total number of workouts, total distance run, time spent running and an estimate of total calories burned.
23:11 Plug-In: WP Movie Ratings v1.4 (Updated) allows you to share your movie reviews with your readers along with links to the Internet Movie Database with some nice features, as wel..

I apologize for taking so long to publish this and episode 18, which should be following very soon, but between my day job and moving, things have been crazy around here.

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